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Nude Boudoir Photography

Let's chat about something exciting today—nude boudoir photography! I know it might sound a bit daring, but trust me, it's an empowering and beautiful way to embrace your true self. Now, here's the thing: you don't have to go nude during your boudoir photoshoot if you don't feel comfortable. But I wanted to share that […]
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Magical boudoir before and after

Why do I post boudoir before and after photos? I often chat with women about a boudoir shoot who tell me that they love the images they see here or on my Facebook pages, but they tell me, "but I could never look that good". I'm here to tell you that you absolutely CAN, and […]
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Plus Size Boudoir Photography: Boosting Your Confidence

Yeuch, I do hate that term - plus size boudoir photography. Did you know that the modelling industry considers someone who is a size 12-14 to be plus-sized - what utter rot! The average size in the UK is 16 and many consider that to be a plus size. I welcome clients of all sizes, […]
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