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Fabulous at 40 and Beyond

Fabulous Women at 40 and Beyond Gallery

The women you see in this gallery are fabulous at 40, sexy at 50 and most definitely sexy at 60.  Believe me, beauty doesn't suddenly disappear when you reach a certain age and these gorgeous ladies are absolute proof of that.

The way we talk to ourselves is just as important as the tone of voice that we use when talking to others. In fact, many people can't get past their inner critic and live up to their potential because they are so hard on themselves that it's impossible for them to do anything right.

From grimacing at our perceived flaws in the mirror, this self-doubt has a negative impact on how we feel about ourselves. It’s time for us stop being mean to ourselves and instead be kinder and gentler with ourselves, giving our best effort and knowing that each day will bring new opportunities!

I love the emotion on a woman's face when she sees her images for the first time. I watch their eyes light up and see that sense of self-assurance return as they looked at themselves through my lens. After seeing themselves in a new light, it's like watching them rediscover who they are!

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the sparkle of a confident woman!  Please don't let you age keep you back from enjoying a confidence boosting and empowering boudoir photo shoot with me.

Just imagine celebrating your 40th birthday, your 50th birthday, your 60th birthday or even your 70th birthday with an incredible celebratory boudoir shoot!

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