An empowering Boudoir experience in Hampshire

Step Into Your Power with a Boudoir Photoshoot – Because You Deserve It

While many think a boudoir photoshoot is solely for the sake of creating a tantalizing gift for a significant other, let me set the record straight: a boudoir experience is a celebration of YOU. This is your chance to rediscover your unique beauty, reignite that dormant confidence, and truly embrace your womanhood.

Sure, bridal boudoir shoots are popular, and your breathtaking images will absolutely make a memorable gift for your partner. But the true gift? That's the empowering transformation you'll experience through this journey.
Unleash Your Confidence: You're Already Perfectly Imperfect
It's high time you loved the skin you're in, no matter your age or size. A boudoir shoot isn't just a fleeting moment captured on camera; it's an opportunity to change your relationship with your body for the better. Falling in love with yourself? Now that's a magical experience.

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So why do you deserve a boudoir shoot? Because embracing your beauty and boosting your confidence is not a luxury; it's your right. Take the step today to reclaim your power. Book your empowering boudoir photoshoot now.
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"Such an amazing experience. Well worth booking immediately. Being a larger lady, the end result was feeling amazing, confident in my own body and skin. As for the photos, even I have to admit that I loved them all!! A first for me as I duck for cover when a camera appears. I can not rate this lady high enough, for not just the day itself, but the after care too." 

Claire W
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The Ultimate Confidence Boost

If you're thinking, "This sounds amazing, but it's not for someone like me," let me assure you—you're exactly the kind of person this experience is designed for!
Nervous? You won't be for long! From the moment you step into our studio, you'll be treated like the goddess you are. As you enjoy professional hair and makeup styling while chatting away, any initial jitters will melt faster than you can say "empowerment."

Look and Feel Fabulous—Even Before the Camera Starts Clicking
By the time we enter the photography space, you'll already be glowing with newfound confidence. And don't fret about posing; I'll guide you every step of the way.

The 'Aha' Moment: You Really Are As Gorgeous As You Feel!
One of my favorite parts? Showing you the first few snaps right from the back of my camera. That's when you'll see it—the undeniable proof that you are truly fabulous. It's that magical moment where you start to appreciate your own dazzling beauty and charm.

Ready for a transformation that's more than skin-deep? Let's do this together! Book your uplifting boudoir experience now.

This could be you

The Four Stages of your Boudoir Experience

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2 - Getting Glamorous

The fun starts with planning your outfits. Click the link below to download my Boudoir Styling Guide. I's packed with loads of ideas.

 When you arrive for your session, we'll kick off with a relaxed chat, taking a peek at the lovely lingerie and outfits you've brought. With the expertise of our personal hair and makeup artist, we'll craft a style tailored to your vision, ensuring you feel like the best version of yourself.

Get ready for a bit of pampering – we'll make sure you feel fabulous and confident, even before you strike your first pose for the camera. Fun, glamour, and a touch of magic, here we come!

3 - The Boudoir Shoot

Stepping into the studio might feel a bit daunting, but believe me, it's going to be an absolute blast!

Don't fret about knowing how to pose; that's where I come in. With years of experience, I'm an expert at guiding women of all ages, shapes, and sizes to look and feel their absolute best.

 From selecting the perfect boudoir outfits to demonstrating and coaching you through each pose, I've got you covered.

Time will whisk by, and before you know it, you'll be amazed at how natural and confident you feel. Together, we'll create magic in every frame!
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4 - The Design Consultation

Once our delightful shoot wraps up, we'll set up a date for your reveal and design session, typically about a week later. By then, I would've meticulously curated and polished your images, making sure every photo shines.

When you're back to view them, don't be surprised if you find yourself falling head over heels for more pictures than you anticipated - it happens to everyone! Once you've picked out your favourites (trust me, it'll be a tough choice with so many to adore), I'll be on hand to assist you in deciding the most exquisite display options. Many of our clients are smitten with our bespoke albums, and it's easy to see why.

Once everything's decided, you can expect your beautiful artwork to be ready for collection within 15 to 20 working days. A keepsake to treasure for a lifetime!

About Julie

Hi I'm Julie
I'm a professional boudoir photographer and the owner at Lone Barn Boudoir in Romsey Hampshire, a luxury boudoir photography studio.
I've specialised in boudoir photography for over 18 years,  I love it so much, and how it empowers and boosts the confidence of every woman I photograph.  

I'm an expert at lighting and posing women to create beautiful sensual fine art images. I offer a fabulous boudoir experience,  and together we will create the most beautiful images of you that you have ever seen!
More About Me
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"I came across Julie's page on Facebook and was completely blown away. I have never had much confidence in myself, in the way I look etc, but in the heat of the moment, I booked and there was no going back. From the moment I arrived at the studio, I was greeted by Mim and Julie and they made me feel like I was a friend not a client. Hair, make up and coffee were amazing. Then Photo Shoot time............The images were incredible. I have found confidence in myself, not just in my underwear but in the clothes I wear. Yes, I was nervous but it was the best thing I have done for me in a very long time. I would recommend ANY Woman to do this. No matter your size, shape or age. DO IT! I promise you will not regret it."  Rachel  
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This isn't just a photo shoot, it's a life changing experience

So many women I have photographed have told me how their shoot changed the way they feel about their bodies and themselves.
Confident, empowered, energised - wouldn't it feel good to be like this?
Every woman deserves to feel good about themselves and that includes you.  Seeing yourself through someone else's eyes will challenge all those beliefs you have about yourself and open your eye's to your own unique beauty. 
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