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Hi I'm Julie

I'm a professional boudoir photographer and the owner at Lone Barn Boudoir in Romsey Hampshire.


I've specialised in boudoir photography for more than 15 years, and I absolutely love what I do and I want to create the most beautiful images of you that you have ever seen!.



My mission is

  • to help you see yourself in a different light
  • to see yourself through kinder eyes
  • to help you see your true sensual beauty
  • to reconnect with the person that you lost some time ago or perhaps the person that you have never seen
  • to help you fall in love with yourself again
  • to help you appreciate yourself

I can empathise about how you feel about when you look in the mirror, only seeing those bits that you don't like, the wobbly bits, the love handles, the wrinkles. Why don't we see all our gorgeous bits? Why don't we compliment ourselves more often?


I truly believe that all women deserve to look and feel beautiful. This is why I created Lone Barn Photography in Hampshire, a luxury boutique studio specialising in boudoir photography. A fun relaxing safe pampering environment to be in and to create beautiful sensual portraits.


I can see your beauty, I can capture it, I can show you, I promise.

EMPowered women

empower women



confident older beauty

sensual, elegant and timeless BOUDOIR

I believe that boudoir photography is for every body, regardless of your shape or size.

As you can see I work in a studio that is mostly black, this means that I can use light and shadows to sculpt any body to create stunning images that you will be proud of.

BOUDOIR lighting and posing

Posing and lighting are my superpowers developed over many years and are the secret to creating beautiful images.


I will gently guide you throughout your whole experience, you don't need to worry about how to pose in front of the camera.



lone barn studio 2

stanbridge lane

romsey, hampshire

so51 0he

01794 516094