About Lone Barn Boudoir

About Lone Barn Boudoir

Hi I'm Julie
I'm a professional boudoir photographer and the owner at Lone Barn Boudoir in Romsey Hampshire.
Your Boudoir Photoshoot

I've been a photographer for more than 18 years, and during that time, I've photographed weddings, babies, families, dance, and so many more things,  but the one genre that makes my heart sing is boudoir photography.

Why - because of the impact it has on the women that I photograph. I believe that all women are beautiful, but we are weird creatures, so clever at seeing our own perceived flaws but blind to our own grace.

 Guiding a woman through her boudoir photoshoot and seeing that moment when she allows herself to see her own beauty is a magical experience for both her and me.  

I  love changing how a woman feels about herself, and creating beautiful artwork as a constant reminder makes me so happy.

So many of the wonderful women I photograph show their friends their wonderful boudoir photos, it gives their friends the confidence to have their own boudoir photoshoot. 

WARNING! - Many clients come in again and again - a boudoir shoot with me can become addictive!
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My Mission

I can empathise with how you feel about when you look in the mirror, only seeing those bits you don't like, the wobbly bits, the love handles, the wrinkles and of course, the dreaded cellulite. Why don't we see all our gorgeous bits? Why don't we compliment ourselves more often?

I know that you are probably looking at all of the beautiful women you see on my website and are thinking that they are boudoir models, they aren't they are just normal women like you and me.

Trust me, you can and you will look as fabulous if you allow yourself to brave the boudoir with me.

The hardest part of your boudoir journey is to build up the courage to pick up the phone and have a chat with me. I promise I don't bite! 

I genuinely believe that all women can and deserve to look and feel beautiful and that is why I created my luxury boutique studio specialising in boudoir photography.   A fun, relaxing,  safe, and pampering environment to enjoy and create beautiful sensual boudoir portraits.

I can see your beauty, I can capture it, I can show you, I promise.
Beautiful Boudoir Gallery

A luxurious  Boudoir Studio

I have created a fun cosy and welcoming space for you to enjoy your boudoir shoot experience.
A safe relaxing pamper space for you to enjoy your boudoir shoot
The studio is dedicated to boudoir photography to allow you to relax and be pampered so that you can enjoy your boudoir experience.  

This is a luxurious intimate experience just for you.  I only have one boudoir client in at a time, so you won't feel rushed or worried about bumping into a load of strangers. There will only be you, your makeup artist and me in the studio.

 The studio is on the outskirts of Romsey in a converted barn, it is a beautiful, cosy private space with oodles of free parking outside.

Call me for a chat to find out more about Lone Barn Boudoir and what we can do for you - 07917477094
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