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Plus Size Boudoir Photography: Boosting Your Confidence

curvy boudoir photography

Yeuch, I do hate that term - plus size boudoir photography. Did you know that the modelling industry considers someone who is a size 12-14 to be plus-sized - what utter rot! The average size in the UK is 16 and many consider that to be a plus size.

I welcome clients of all sizes, shapes and ages. Every single woman I have photographed has her own unique beauty. Beauty is not defined by a number! Have a look at the beautiful women in my boudoir galleries who have kindly allowed me to share some of their gorgeous images.

Body confidence concerns

I get enquiries every week from women who are concerned about their size, worried that they need to lose weight or tone up before they brave the boudoir with me. The truth is you don't need to do either! I'm an expert at posing and lighting to create super flattering images.

How do you take flattering plus size photos?

I use the magical power of light and shade to enhance the aspects of your body that you love and shadows to lessen those areas that you are less fond of (yup, we all have aspects of our bodies that we don't appreciate, but I promise you I will change your opinions about your own body!).

Posing is a vital element too, but don't worry I've got you covered. I'll demonstrate the poses for you and gently guide you into the positions, some may feel weird, but I promise you you will look amazing. I have so many plus size boudoir photography poses that will flatter your body to create the most stunning images that you will have ever seen of yourself.

I'll show you some of the images on the back of my camera so that you can see how incredible you look. I love to see the reactions to these sneak peeks, I can see that confidence blossoming right in front of me. From that point on the photoshoot becomes a celebration of their body. I love this image below, it is one of my client's favourite boudoir poses that hide your tum and flatters your legs.

voluptuous boudoir pose

What to wear to a plus size boudoir photography shoot?

Let's celebrate those gorgeous curves rather than trying to hide them. I know big and baggy clothes can feel like a security blanket, but trust me they can hide your real shape and aren't super flattering. That's not to say don't bring anything big and baggy, an oversized man's shirt can look super sexy and a baggy jumper can give a lovely Sunday morning in bed vibe.

A boudoir shoot is a brilliant excuse to treat yourself to some pretty lingerie and believe me there is plenty to choose from. No matter what your size, well-fitting lingerie is a must to hug and flatter your shape. I strongly recommend treating yourself to a proper bra fitting to make sure you are wearing the right size. I recently did exactly this and discovered that I wasn't a 34D I was a 32F - what a difference and I also rediscovered my waist!

curvy boudoir model

An underwired bodysuit is always a great choice, it hugs your figure, supports your bust and flatters your tum (this seems to be the least popular part of a woman's body!). When you are buying lingerie, always think about what it looks like from the back, yes I will be photographing your butt!

Where to but plus size lingerie?

Here are some of my favourite places to buy lingerie from:

Pour Moi

Simply Be


Playful Promises

Ann Summers

Viva Curve

When you book I'll send you my boudoir guide which has loads of hints and tips and ideas in it. I'm here to offer advice on what to bring and to bounce ideas off.

It's always nice to chat with someone who has already had a boudoir photoshoot and there are hundreds of women in my private Facebook group who will be delighted to share their experiences with you and offer friendly body-positive advice.

boudoir group

If you would like to find out more about a boudoir experience have a look at this page or call me and I can answer all of your questions (07917477094) or you can schedule a call and I'll call you.

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