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What to wear for your boudoir photoshoot?

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"What to wear for your boudoir photoshoot?" is the most common question that I get asked.

As a boudoir photographer with over 16 years of experience working with incredible women just like you, I've learned a thing or two about what looks amazing for all body types, curvy, skinny, tall, short - you get the idea.

This blog post will be a great starting point to get your creative juices flowing and give you a better understanding of what to think about. If you need more ideas, join my VIP group. The ladies in there love to talk about lingerie or call me, and I can help you too.

Before talking about all the different boudoir photo shoot outfit ideas you have, there are 3 key things to think about.

1. Dress to flatter

I know this seems obvious, but unless you are planning to wear is a good fit, don't wear it because it won't be flattering for you or look great in your photos. The last thing you want is a bra that is too small so that you are spilling out of the cups, or one with the cups too large so there is lots of gaping.

When was the last time you had a proper bra fitting? Honestly, it is so worth it, and a well-fitting bra will completely transform your shape. In my experience, independent lingerie shops offer some of the best advice. I went to Hidden Agenda in Botley and was completely amazed at how much better I looked wearing a great bra!

2. Colour

My signature dark and moody images suit strong-coloured lingerie, red, black, teal, emerald and gold. If you prefer lighter images, then think about pastle -coloured lingerie.

Most ladies bring a little of both, so we have oodles of choices to play with.

what to wear for your boudoir shoot

3. Lingerie details

Think lace, think silk and think about the texture of your lingerie. Little details can really add interest to your boudoir portraits and are so much more luxurious and sensual than a plain old T-shirt bra (which are fab, but they do belong under your T-shirts!).

Elegant Boudoir Outfits

Bra and knickers

Start with the bra shape that suits you best (push-ups, balconettes, bralettes, etc.), and choose a style that gives you the right amount of support. As I said before, I strongly recommend having a proper bra fitting before your shoot to make sure you have beautifully fitting lingerie.

what to wear for your boudoir shoot 2

Choose matching knickers that flatter your derrière, and don't forget to check out how pretty the back of them are. High-waisted knickers smooth the tummy and can give a retro look to your images. Brazilians are great for flattering your bottom no matter what size you are.

sexy black lace panties


Bodysuits are super flattering for all shapes, and if you are concerned about stretch marks will give you more confidence. Underwired bodies or basques with structured panels give curvy ladies more support, while ladies with smaller busts may suit unstructured bodysuits.

boudoir photoshoot

Corsets and waspies

Corsets can really help to define your waist but can restrict your movements quite a bit (to be honest, a lot!). Waspies provide the same effect but tend to be more comfortable.

Casual Boudoir Outfits

Even everyday clothing like a pair of jeans can look cute and sexy if styled and photographed well.

White Shirt

Pinch one of your partner's white shirts (don't worry if he hasn't got one - I always have an oversized white shirt in the studio) can be super sexy.

what to wear for your boudoir photoshoot 3

Baggy jumper

A big baggy jumper can look so cute. Pair it with bed-socks for a cute sexy girl next door type of vibe.

boudoir outfit

Curvy Boudoir outfits


If you are a curvy girl, then trust me, one-piece bodysuits are the most flattering and comfortable things you can choose. They are super flattering, and I always think they are fabulously slimming boudoir outfits. If you are a bit concerned about your tum (I meet very few women who really love their tums!) I definitely recommend that you bring at least one underwired body with you.

Underwired bodysuits also offer great support. Long-sleeved bodies are flattering for your arms too.

what to wear for your boudoir photoshoot 5

Bra's and Knickers

As before, choose a well-fitting bra that offers you the right level of support, and remember that high-waisted panties are super flattering.


Lace robes are so much fun to play with, and of course, I have a selection in the studio we can play with. I love the way that lace teasingly reveals a little of what lies beneath.

curvy boudoir outfit

Curvy Kate, SimplyBe , Playful Promises and Ann Summers are great places to start looking for flattering curvy lingerie.

Boudoir Outfits for Small Chests

Finding the perfect boudoir outfit for women with smaller chests can be challenging. But never fear - there are plenty of styles and designs that can help you to feel confident in your own skin! From lacy lingerie sets to bold bodysuits, there are endless possibilities for smaller-chested women who want to enhance their curves. The same principle applies, make sure that your lingerie is a good fit.

When selecting a boudoir outfit for those with smaller chests, it’s important to keep body shape and size in mind. Strapless or V-neck pieces are great options as they draw attention away from the chest area while still highlighting curves. For an extra boost of confidence, look out for items featuring intricate detailing such as pleating or lace panelling – both of which will add texture and definition without overpowering your figure.

What shoes should I wear for boudoir photos?

Shoes are also incredibly important, and they really help to tone and shape your legs. I'm going to add another post soon about shoes (I love shoes). 

The most flattering ones for your boudoir shoot are high-heeled court shoes or stilettos. Definitely avoid wedges, they may be very comfy, but they look ugly in the images.

Louboutins have the most amazing shapes, which look incredible in photos and that red sole - heaven, but cheaper alternatives exist!

Red and black are classic colours to choose from, but feel free to experiment and bring your faves in. I also have a selection of shoes you are welcome to use.

what to wear for your boudoir photoshoot 4

Check out the galleries for more ideas of what to wear for your boudoir shoot.

If you haven't got a clue where to buy boudoir outfits from, then check out this blog post.


Try all your boudoir outfits on well before your boudoir photoshoot to ensure they are a great fit, and pack your bag a few days before to avoid any last-minute panics! Check out some more ideas on how to prepare for your boudoir photo shoot.

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