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"Where to Buy Boudoir Lingerie: Your Ultimate Guide to Looking Fabulous for Your Photoshoot!"

where to buy boudoir lingerie from

One question I hear all the time during my pre-shoot consultations is exactly this: "Where to buy boudoir lingerie?" Let's face it, finding the perfect set of lingerie for your boudoir photoshoot can feel like a treasure hunt. So, let's navigate this lacy, frilly, sultry landscape together!

Deciding on Your Aesthetic

When figuring out where to buy boudoir lingerie, your first step is to decide on your vibe. Are you aiming for soft and romantic or perhaps a dark, moody film noir look? Maybe a bit of both? Have a browse through my gallery to get inspired by what other lovely ladies have worn. You'll find it's a one-stop shop for all things fab and fashionable!

You may also want to check out my Boudoir Style Guide, you can choose so many other outfits other than lingerie.

What's the Plan for Your Photos?

The next thing to ponder when considering where to buy boudoir lingerie is the end goal for your photos. Planning for a chic album, an elegant folio box, or a striking piece of wall art? If you're leaning towards wall art, think about the room where it'll hang. Believe it or not, your lingerie's colour can harmonize beautifully with your home decor!

The Perfect Fit is Non-Negotiable

No matter where you decide to buy boudoir lingerie, fit is king (or should I say, queen?). If you’ve never been professionally fitted for a bra, now's the time. The right fit won’t just improve your posture; it'll make you feel like an absolute goddess! Say goodbye to bras that squeeze you in all the wrong places or cups that feel like empty caverns.

Budget-Friendly to Luxurious Choices

Wondering where to buy boudoir lingerie that doesn't break the bank? You're in luck. I've seen fantastic lingerie sets from high-street stores and luxurious, high-end designer collections. And yes, every time someone brings a new set into my studio, I get a serious case of lingerie envy!

Here are some of my favourite places (in no particular order!) where to buy boudoir lingerie for your special photoshoot.

Good old Marks and Spencer , definitely worth a look

Ann Summers - they really do some gorgeous lingerie these days, check out their bodies!

Lovehoney - they often have sales on

With Love Lily - wow - such beautiful lingerie

Bluebella - check out their bodies and basques

Honey Birdette - fabulous luxurious lingerie with a price tag

Boux Avenue- have a pretty good selection

Simply Be- lots of pretty pieces and often have sales

Curvy Kate - great lingerie for curvy girls

Lovechild Boudoir - for something a bit racier such as body cages

Etsy - for unusual pieces

Pretty Little Things - loads of choice and very affordable

Pour Moi - so much to choose from. Their underwired bodies are particularly nice!

There are many other places to look, but these will be a great start for you. Please don't blame me if you start becoming a lingerie addict!

Do share if you have any other fave places where you buy boudoir lingerie from.

Please don't panic if you haven't got oodles of choice. One or two excellent prices are all you really need. Equally don't panic if you have loads of fabulous lingerie to choose from and can't make your mind up, just bring the lot, and we can help you pick out the right pieces for you.

Have a look through my galleries for more ideas on styles that may suit you and for inspiration

You can also download my Boudoir Style Guide which has oodles of hints and tips

If you are planning a boudoir shoot I'm here to help and guide you throughout your whole experience. It may be too early to chat with me (I promise I'm not scary), and there's absolutely no hard sell - I hate that as much as you do, and I'd be rubbish at it too! I'd encourage you to join my ladies-only VIP group on Facebook - come and find out about other ladies' experiences, ask them for advice, find out where to buy boudoir lingerie from and chat about all things boudoir.

Once you are ready for a chat call me (07917477094), and I'll be happy to answer all of your questions if you would prefer, you can schedule a call and I'll call you at your convenience.

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