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What to wear for my boudoir photoshoot?


What to wear for my Boudoir photoshoot?

So you have decided that you are going to have a boudoir photoshoot.  You have booked in advance and want to know what next? The questions  get asked most frequently, by nearly all of my clients is; “What should I wear for my boudoir shoot?” This really is where the fun begins.

Time for a treat?

This is a good time to go out and buy that gorgeous lingerie set you have had your eyes on! Think variety,  luxury, lacy, silky, textured, coloured lingerie.  Don’t panic, I can help you think about what to bring, I’ve been doing this for a long time and I know what works for all body types.     

What you are planning to do with your beautiful images?

Are you going to give them as a gift to your partner? What are their favourite colours or styles? Do they have a favourite lingerie set? Which sets do you love? Bring them all!  We can select the pieces that will work best for you.  I love it when clients bring lots of choices, it means that I can create lots of variety in your photoshoot.

What to avoid?

Lots of my lovely clients ask what to avoid. My number one tip is to make sure that you are wearing well-fitted lingerie. Too tight or too loose won’t be flattering. Go and treat yourself and be measured correctly for a bra. I recommend this to so many clients, who often they find out they have been wearing the wrong size bra!  My pet hate is T-shirt bras, yes they are amazing under a T-shirt, but that is really where they belong, in a boudoir photoshoot they are BORING!

Shoes are also incredibly important, they really help to tone and shape your legs. I’m going to add another post soon about shoes (I love shoes). The most flattering ones for your boudoir shoot are high heeled court shoes or stilettos. Definitely avoid wedges, they may be very comfy, but they look ugly in the images. Louboutins have the most amazing shapes which look incredible in photos and that red sole – heaven!

Check out this little video, it may give you some more ideas, but please do call me if you would like more ideas.

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