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What is boudoir?

woman wearing a black lace body

What is boudoir?

So many people have never heard of boudoir photography and I'm often asked to explain what is boudoir.

Boudoir photography is all about capturing the beauty of a woman’s body.  It is a tasteful and sensual study of the female form and allows women to celebrate their own unique beauty.

The word boudoir derives from the French word which means a woman’s private salon or dressing room. My boudoir studio reflects this beautifully, it’s a beautiful bijoux space designed specifically as a boudoir studio to allow women to feel safe and relaxed, to be pampered in and to create stunning sensual images.

Who is boudoir photography for?

Boudoir photography is for all women.  

The beautiful women you see on this website are not models, they are regular women like you and me, of all ages from 21 to 75, of all sizes and shapes from 6 to 26. With my expert posing and lighting their beauty shines through in the images. Have a look at my gallery pages.

boudoir wings photoshoot

What is the point of boudoir photography?

This is an interesting question to which there is no single answer.

Most of the women I photograph book a session for themselves to give themselves a confidence boost.  Over time we women seem to find more and more faults with our bodies and lose sight of how incredible we are.

A boudoir photoshoot is a wonderfully indulgent and empowering way of reconnecting to your own beauty. Not only do they enjoy a confidence-boosting experience, but the images will be a permanent reminder of how amazing they are.

Other women book a boudoir shoot to create a gift for their partner for a special occasion such as a wedding, anniversary, birthday or Christmas but let’s be honest, it really is a special gift to themselves as well!

What do you wear to a boudoir shoot?

That’s really up to the individual and their personality.

 I’m here to help guide you and suggest ideas for you, check out this blog post for some more ideas

Nude or clothed?

Some women prefer to wear sexy lingerie or other items of clothing for their shoot rather than going nude, but once they step in to the studio and see some of the images on the back of my camera, the fear melts away and many women decide to do some tantalising and tasteful nude images.

woman wearing a luxurious burgundy boudoir robe

Boudoir Hair and Makeup

Who doesn’t like having their hair and makeup done?  Feeling and looking fabulous even before you step in front of the camera is a fabulous luxurious part of the experience. 

Your time in the makeup chair is so relaxing and it also gives us time to get to know each other a little bit more. We’ll chat about your hair and makeup preferences. You don’t need to have heavily applied makeup for your shoot, but it may be a little stronger than you normally wear.

The professional hair and makeup artists I work with know how I shoot as a boudoir photographer and will ensure that your makeup is perfect for you.

disabled boudoir

What to expect during your boudoir shoot?

Let me put one fear to rest that most women have – you don’t need to be a model or know how to pose like one!

Before we go into the studio we’ll have a chat about what you love about your body (yes, I can hear you groaning!) and what you are not too fond of (probably the longer list for most women!).  This helps me carefully construct your shoot to flatter you.

I’ve been a boudoir photographer for over 16 years, and I have photographed women of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities. I know how to create beautiful lighting and poses that will flatter your own special beauty. I love playing with light and shadows to highlight the parts of you that you love.

But what about the posing bit? Don’t panic, I’ll demonstrate the boudoir poses and then gently coach and guide you in to them, by the end of your session you’ll be posing like a pro. I’ll be honest, you may ache a little the following day, but trust me it will be worth it.

I like to think that posing and lighting are my boudoir superpowers!

Learn a little more about the whole boudoir experience.

What do you do with your boudoir photos?

What would you like to do with them? Most women opt for an album or a beautiful folio box to display their images discretely but more and more are having the confidence to display a big piece of wall art above their bed.

Just imagine being able to enjoy looking at your images every time you need a little confidence boost.

bespoke wall art

Hopefully, this blog post has helped you understand a little bit more about what boudoir is, but if you have more questions please call me or fill in my contact form and I'll call you at your con, I’m always happy to talk about boudoir photography.

If it is too early to chat then please follow me on Facebook or join hundreds of other ladies in the VIP Facebook group, they will be happy to share their experiences and offer tips and advice.

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