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Something to look forward to

So many ladies book their photoshoots months ahead so that they have something to look forward to and a goal to work towards. Planning your photoshoot can be so much fun.

Rachel came into the studio a while ago for her boudoir shoot and she has very kindly allowed me to share her story in her own words.

Why did you book a boudoir shoot?

It was the second lockdown due to COVID and wanted to have something to look forward to. Something I would not have been brave enough to do but the thought was really exciting. Although I am happy with my body and feel attractive when I get dressed up. I have never felt very sexy and looking at the photos on the Lone Barn Boudoir website I thought I have to do this!

pre makeover
something to look forward to

Why did you book a session with me?

When googling boudoir shoots, Lone Barn Boudoir was the one that stood out. All the photos were amazing and the reviews were also really great. As soon as I booked, I got sent a welcome booklet which had some of the ladies boudoir experiences detailed and also lots of encouragement from Julie herself which was really nice.

How was preparing for your boudoir photoshoot?

I didn't do too much preparing for the shoot as I had a few items of lingerie already. I bought myself one full set of lingerie which did take a while to decide on and after looking at all different colours I decided to stick with the red set. I kept the other sets simple with those being black. I had my hair cut a week before and then did my own nails quite a neutral colour so they looked neat but didn't stand out too much.

something to look forward to 2

What was your biggest fear before your shoot?

I think the biggest fear is just getting your clothes off in front of a stranger and them seeing you the way you view yourself. I've always had a hang up on how long my arms were and I thought maybe they would look weird and gangly in the photos. The boudoir shoot really helped me to see myself in a different light.

something to look forward to 3

Tell me about your hair and makeup

I absolutely loved my makeup. I have never been very good at doing my own eyeshadow so I love getting my makeup done. Miriam was amazing and used makeup to highlight my face without it being too heavy. The eye makeup was STUNNING! My hair was kept quite simple, with it all being curled.

How did it feel stepping in to the studio?

Very nervous! Getting dressed into your first outfit and doing the first pose was quite nerve wracking but after the first shot and seeing how you look, I very quickly just let go of any worries and felt really confident and comfortable doing all the poses.

something to look forward to 5
something to look forward to 4

How was your shoot? Did you find my posing guidance easy?

The shoot was amazing. The posing guidance was pretty easy to follow and if I was not quite in the right position Julie was great and showing/telling you what to do to create the perfect pose. There were a few poses that did stretch you and weren't the most comfortable but it was only for a few seconds and the one I couldn't do we just skipped. Also, the result on the picture from just pointing your toes or stretching your legs straight was insane so it's definitely worth it.

How did it feel to see your photos?:

Totally shocked. I loved them all and couldn't believe I had done it. After I had done the shoot I remember just going home and cleaning the house, having dinner the normal routine and it was almost easy to forget that you had done a boudoir shoot earlier. Seeing the photos just brought it all back and I can't wait to get some up on the wall.

something to look forward to 6

How easy was it to choose your images?

I thought it was going to be quite easy to choose because I had a budget and thought knew what package I was going to get. In reality, I ended up getting a bigger album and adding extra pages because I couldn't decide on the last few images.

Any words of wisdom to any other ladies thinking of a boudoir shoot?

Do it do it, do it! It's such an amazing experience. There will always be an excuse not to but it won't outweigh all the reasons to do it. No matter what age, as women we always tend to see the flaws in our bodies. Having this boudoir shoot did not get rid of my flaws but I just didn't see them anymore I saw a confident sexy woman in all the photos.

something to look forward to 7

Do you feel different after your shoot?

Yes definitely. I feel more confident and sexy.

Will you have another boudoir shoot?

I would love to do it again.

Would you like something to look forward to?

If like Rachel, you'd like to book a boudoir photoshoot to have something to look forward to then call me for a chat or if it is too early to chat, then have a look at my galleries to see other beautiful images I have created for my lovely clients in the studio.

I recommend joining my VIP Facebook group, it's full of ladies like you who are perhaps thinking about having a shoot, or have already had a boudoir shoot with me. It's a friendly women-only group there to help and support each other and chat about the wonderful world of boudoir photography. You'll get loads of tips and advice in there!

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