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Self-esteem boost

One of the best reasons to have a boudoir photoshoot is the need to have a self-esteem boost!

A self-esteem boost and empowering photoshoot.

A while ago I had the pleasure of welcoming Natalie who came to my studio. Natalie is a mother to three little children, so she definitely deserved some time out to appreciate herself. She's done amazingly well to lose all of the weight she gained (nearly 4 stone) during her pregnancies and was definitely looking for ways to boost her self-esteem and confidence.

Before the shoot

Prior to coming to the studio, she had been looking through all my images and reading reviews across multiple social media platforms and websites for a few months. All this whilst moaning to her partner that she wished she had the confidence to do "something like that". I put a model call-out on Facebook for someone to come in and help me create some poses on my new chaise longue. Before she knew it, her partner had picked up the phone and dialled to put her forward for the shoot!


We had a long chat before the photoshoot so I could explain more about the photoshoot and what I was looking to do to hopefully put some of her concerns to rest. Natalie told me that prior to the photoshoot she was worried that she wouldn't look as good as everyone else because she didn't know how to pose if her lingerie would be "nice" or 'pretty" enough and that she really felt she lacked confidence.

The nerves

I know clients are always nervous when they first come to the studio, and she admitted she was so nervous, with sweaty palms. As with the vast majority of my clients, these feelings don't last very long, a nice cuppa and a good chat always seems to calm those pesky nerves. Having your makeup done is always a great relaxer too.

The Photoshoot

Her lingerie as you can see was beautiful and I never expect anyone to know how to pose for the camera, that's my job to gently coach and guide clients throughout their shoots. Natalie took direction perfectly and absolutely rocked her boudoir photoshoot. After the photoshoot, Natalie told me how incredible it was and how empowered she felt, so definitely a confidence boost.

self-esteem boost

The viewing

A week or so later she came in for her viewing, which for some can be even more nerve-wracking than the photoshoot itself. I knew Natalie would love her images and she admitted that she had fallen in love with herself and the whole experience had helped her see past her "flaws". It had certainly helped her to stop being so negative and hard on herself.

Do you need a confidence and self-esteem boost?

We all need a little self-esteem boost every now and then to lift our spirits and to recharge our own self-appreciation batteries. We women can become our own worst enemies, criticising ourselves every time we look in the mirror. Taking time out to be pampered and to appreciate your own unique beauty is so precious and a really fabulous self-esteem boost!

If you would like to find out more about my shoots, there's lots of information on the website or please come and join the conversation in my ladies only group on Facebook or follow my Facebook page. You can ask any questions you like and find out about other ladies experiences and ask for tips about your shoot.

The greatest compliment any of my clients can give to me is to talk to their friends about their experience and to recommend me to their friends, which Natalie has.

Have a look at some more inspiring images from previous shoots and read some of the reviews left by my lovely clients.

Call me for a chat if you are thinking about having a boudoir photoshoot - 01794516094.

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