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I wondered if I was good enough!

black and white boudoir pose

I know so many of the ladies I am honoured to photograph feel this way. We are all worried about how we will look in photos, will I be able to pose, will I look silly, I don’t think that this will work for me……. The niggling doubts and reasons not to do a shoot are endless.

BUT what happens if you take a chance?

I met Dawn and her sister Sue a little while ago and Dawn’s story is so inspirational.

This lovely lady is 57 and was suffering from a loss of confidence following surgery to remove a spinal tumour. It has affected her walking and balance which is both frustrating and painful for her.

She’s always wanted to do a boudoir shoot to see if he could feel sexy again. Her sister inspired her to give it a go and to brave the boudoir.

Everyone is nervous before their shoot and Dawn confessed to worrying that she wouldn’t be able to do many of the poses and that it wouldn’t work for her. Chatting away whilst I was doing their makeup I could tell that they were both starting to relax and then when we went in to the studio that’s when the fun really started to happen!

Their viewing session was full of joyous emotion when they saw their beautiful images.

classic boudoir poses

This is what Dawn wrote in my guest book – “Julie made me feel so confident and encouraging. I can honestly say that I enjoyed every minute with her in the studio. I would definitely tell my friends to go and find out what they can look like. My sister and I had a wonderful day. xx”

Dawn is a strong, sassy incredible woman who braved the boudoir and discovered that she is more than good enough!!

When are you going to let go and discover you? Join my Boudoir VIP group and find out about other ladies experiences.


My curves are cute

My rolls are ravishing

My body is beautiful

I bet yours are too!!



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