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Which are best? Hold-Ups or Stockings

Boudoir Shoot Tips - Stockings or hold-ups which are best?

hold-ups or stockings

Hints and Tips for wearing Stockings at a Boudoir Photoshoot

There are so many styles of hold-ups or stockings out there.   Many people don’t know the difference between hold-ups or stockings.


Traditional stockings were designed to be worn with a Suspender belt or Garter belt, as they won’t stay up on their own!  Suspender belts also come in a myriad of designs from really skimpy ones to ones that cover more of your tummy, which can be a great idea if you are conscious about your tum. Both of the designs below are from Ann Summers, which is a great place to look and get some ideas.

You'll also find that many basques and corsets come with attached suspender straps (removable ones can make them more versatile).

red suspender belt
red waspie suspender belt

Stockings and suspenders are great for playing with during your shoot to add those beautiful details and to give your hands something to play with!


Hold up stockings have an elastic or silicone band around the top, designed to stay up without the use of a Suspender belt or a Corset / Basque with suspender clips attached. Hold-ups tend to grip and squeeze your thigh so they can give you a bit of a muffin top which stockings rarely do.

TOP TIP - don't get the two mixed up, hold-ups really don't work with suspender belts, the silicone or rubber tape on a hold-up makes it really hard to fix in a suspender belt.   I know many of you will have struggled to fix Hold-ups with the silicone band into the fiendish suspender belt clips!

Do Hold-up stockings stay up?

Well, that's a million-dollar question! Some do and some don't is the honest answer. Hold ups with thinner bands do tend to roll down quite a bit in my experience.

So the choice is yours. However, make sure you go for the finest denier (thickness) that you can find, as this will be super flattering in the studio.

Have a look in my galleries for more ideas, you'll see that neither hold-ups or stockings feature heavily in my images, it's not because I don't like them, but I do think that your natural skin will photograph so well that I think it is a shame to cover it.

Where to buy stockings and hold-ups from

Here are some of my favourite places to buy from–

Which is best for your boudoir shoot?

It really comes down to your personal preference, my choice would be stockings, not hold ups.

Honestly, there is no right or wrong answer bring whichever you prefer, but you absolutely do not have to bring them at all if you aren't a fan. If you do decide to bring some, defin itely think about bringing spares, just in case you snag them or gel a ladder in them.

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