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Feeling empowered and confident

Our levels of feeling empowered and confident fluctuate throughout our lives, especially as we go through our lives, working, getting married, having children, perhaps separations and divorce. All of these things can affect how we see ourselves.

As soon as I spoke to Joanne I knew we were going to have a great time. She's a northerner like me and was in the start-up phase of setting up a new business that was messed up by the dratted Covid. She wanted to have a boudoir photoshoot to give herself a confidence boost that we all need from time to time.

Here's her story in her own words and some of my favourite images from her shoot that she has very kindly allowed me to share.

luxury boudoir robe

Why did you book a boudoir shoot?

I wanted to find my inner confidence. I found I wasn’t appreciating myself & was forever critical of my body & wanted to look at myself with fresh eyes.

Why did you book a session with me?

I had heard from someone who had had a session with Julie & she had said how at ease she had made her feel.

boudoir flare

How was preparing for your shoot?

Preparing for my shoot was like torture! Trying to find underwear that I felt happy with my body in. With my negative body image, it was difficult.
I decided to focus on the things I could make as good as possible, so I had my nails done & made sure I was a little pampered having my hair done the day before.

What was your biggest fear before your shoot?

My biggest fear before the shoot was what will Julie be thinking of me!
This in reality was ridiculous! Julie made me feel completely comfortable & at ease with myself within moments! I soon began to feel my fears & hang-ups were completely irrational & they gently flowed away as Julie worked her magic.

classic elegant boudoir pose

Tell me about your hair and makeup

Miriam did such a wonderful job & listened to the style of makeup I felt happy with. I gave free rein with my hair as she had filled me with confidence with my makeup & I was not disappointed! She made me feel fantastic.

before and after boudoir

How did it feel stepping in to the studio?

Stepping into the studio felt exciting & a little daunting, but with Julie there the daunting feelings soon we’re a distant memory as the excitement took over.

standing boudoir pose

How was your shoot? Did you find my posing guidance easy?

My shoot was amazing. Julie gave clear guidance & explained the reason why each pose worked & shared her excitement along the way. Never before has anyone made me feel so empowered.

40 year old beauty

How did it feel to see your photos?

I was nervous before viewing my images but as soon as I arrived Julie once again magically made me feel relaxed & when I saw my images I was speechless. It was like Julie had found my inner confidence & beauty & created the most wonderfully relaxed utterly beautiful sensual pictures of me! At no time did I feel pressured or uncomfortable to say what I felt about each image.

B&W boudoir

How easy was it to choose your images?

Julie had a system to help me find my perfect images. With no pressure from Julie, it felt like a wonderful empowering moment finding the best of me.

peachy boudoir

Any words of wisdom to any other ladies thinking of a boudoir shoot?

If you are thinking of a shoot, Julie is the lady! With the ability to see inside your soul & create images of magnificent beauty, from the moment I walked in I felt suddenly empowered & confident about myself. I had never before experienced this feeling. Thank you, Julie you have given me more than beautiful artwork, you have given me back.

Do you feel different after your shoot?

I feel free of hang-ups! After 46years of comparing my body against other women, I viewed as having better legs, boobs… I now feel proud of my body & that is an incredible feeling.

sensual boudoir

Will you have another boudoir shoot?

I absolutely would. Without doubt

Would you like to feel empowered and confident like Joanne?

If you can relate to Joanne's story and boudoir journey and you are thinking about having your own boudoir photoshoot, please call me for a chat and I can answer all of your questions.

If it is too early to talk to me, then do join my VIP group that is full of ladies who have already had a shoot and others like you who are just starting to learn more about the wonderful world of boudoir photography.

In the meantime, why not learn more about a boudoir experience with me and have a look at more beautiful images I have created for my wonderful clients.

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