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The best body confidence experience

Like so many of my clients, Maddie has been on a journey of self-discovery and is learning to love and appreciate herself. That journey has not only helped her lose weight but led to a new career for her, She is now a weight loss consultant herself, and she now helps others to lose weight.

She has graciously written about her body confidence experience and allowed me to share some of her images to encourage women in a similar position to her to gain the confidence to have their own boudoir photoshoot.

Here's her story and some of my favourite images from her boudoir body confidence experience.

confidence boost

Tell me a little about yourself

I am Maddie and 52 and I have struggled with self-image all my life as I have always been overweight, but since losing 5 stone and dropping 4 dress sizes and treating myself to breast implants, I have gained so much confidence and finally feel happy in my own skin.

How did you become aware of Lone Barn Boudoir?

I knew of friends who had done similar shoots and I found you on google.

What inspired you to get in touch and book a session with me?

I decided that I would create an album of pics for my hubby's 50th birthday, so that when I'm old and it's all gone south! I have something to look back on and feel proud of.

boudoir hampshire
cheeky boudoir leg pose

How did you feel about your body before your shoot?

I felt ok, not overly confident and there are parts I don't like.

Did you treat yourself to some new lingerie before your shoot, if you did where was it from?

Yes - Ann Summers.

ann summers body

What was your biggest fear before your shoot?

That I would look fat in the pics.

How did you feel when you arrived at the studio?

I was made to feel at ease.

What was your favourite thing about being pampered?

Having my hair and makeup done - I'm normally useless at it!

implied nude

How would you describe your boudoir photoshoot to your best friend?

The best body confidence experience I have ever had - not once did I feel awkward or embarrassed.

How did you feel when you saw your boudoir images at your viewing?

I couldn't actually believe that was me in the pictures. I was amazed at how I looked on film.

B&W boudoir
boudoir white shirt

How do you feel about yourself after your shoot?

I feel so much more confident and happy and have been signed by a modelling agency 🙂

What advice would you give to other women considering a boudoir shoot?

Just do it - you won't ever regret it and do it for you, no one else!

Are you thinking about your own having your own body confidence experience?

Have you embarked on a remarkable weight loss journey, only to find it challenging to truly appreciate the incredible progress you've achieved? I've had the privilege of meeting numerous women who, despite their remarkable transformations, struggle to embrace and love the new versions of themselves they've worked so hard to become.

That's where a boudoir photoshoot steps in as the perfect gift you can give to yourself. It's a luxurious, empowering, and profoundly confidence-boosting experience that will revolutionize the way you perceive yourself, build your body confidence and make you feel fabulous. Through the lens of my expert photography, you'll witness yourself in a whole new light, and this perspective can be truly life-changing.

Not only will you enjoy an extraordinary and pampering experience, but you'll also walk away with stunning images of yourself. These images serve as a lasting reminder of your innate beauty, ready to uplift your confidence whenever you need it. They become a permanent celebration of just how fabulous you are

Do have a look at my boudoir galleries to see more beautiful images I have created for my fabulous clients and you can read more of their body confidence stories on the blog and read some of their reviews too.

When you are ready for a chat, call me on 07917477094 and I can answer all of your questions.

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