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A very special gift for my partner

Thank you so much to the very gorgeous Miss L's for allowing me to share her boudoir story in her own words.

sexy present

I booked the boudoir shoot to create a very special gift for my partner, I thought it would be something different - a unique present that would last forever. My partner saw an advertisement online with an offer you were promoting at the time, and he forwarded it to me hoping I'd be interested!  After looking at your website, I thought it would make a lovely birthday present for him.

I think I was pretty prepared for the photo shoot as I brought lots of lovely lingerie to choose from.

My biggest fear before the boudoir shoot, was that I would be disappointed in how I looked.  This was because, over the years, my body has changed, and I was apprehensive about certain parts of my body.

With regards to my hair and makeup, I was very much out of my comfort zone when I saw the final hair and makeup.  I'm not used to so much make-up, and my hair was very different, but in the end, the make-up and hair worked really well in the images.

body confidence at any age

Stepping into the studio was quite unnerving in the beginning, not so much about taking my clothes off, but I was worried that I wouldn't like the photos of myself and feel very disappointed.  Having said that, I settled into things quite quickly and with Julie’s guidance with the poses, I wasn’t made to feel awkward or uncomfortable at all, which was very important.

When I attended the viewing of my images, I was very nervous about my first visit to see the photos, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well they turned out.  The process of choosing the images was relatively easy, but as there were so many nice ones to choose from, it was a little hard choosing the right ones and the ones I thought my partner would like.

If I was to pass on any words of wisdom, I think any lady thinking about a boudoir shoot should go ahead and do one!  It was a great experience for someone lacking or lost their self-confidence to give you back that little bit of self-esteem, especially when you see the final photos.

After the photoshoot, I feel a bit more confident in myself again. It helped that my partner found the images very beautiful.

I would love to have another boudoir photoshoot!!

So many ladies that I have the privilege to meet and photograph come to me to create a very special and intimate gift for their partners, wedding gifts, anniversary presents and of course, birthday and Christmas presents.

Little do they realise that the greatest gift is really for themselves to really appreciate their bodies and to boost their confidence. The images do make a fabulous present, but they are also a lasting reminder of how amazing they are and looking at their beautiful images will always lift their spirits.

I am so happy that a boudoir photoshoot with me can help to boost a woman's confidence, there are loads more stories in the blog for you to read and reviews for you to read. You can also browse more of the beautiful images I have created for my lovely clients.

Would you like to create a very special gift for your partner (or just for yourself)?

Please call me (07917477094) or fill out my contact form and I'll call you. If it's too early to chat, then do come and join us in Lone Barn Secrets Facebook Group to find lots more inspiration, advice, support and this is the group where I announce last minute availability and group special offers.

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