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Boudoir Pre-Payment Guide



I know you are probably thinking "I'll only like a few", but trust me like the hundreds of women I have photographed, you are going to love so many more than you expected. 

Many of the women in the VIP group, will tell you how surprised they were and I know that they wished they had opted for a pre-payment plan before their photoshoot

This is why I created my pre-payment plan guide to help you understand why choosing your collection before your shoot is a great way to save money. 

Simply choose which collection that suits you the best and pay for it before your shoot to qualify for the discount and your preferred bonuses.  

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pre-payment guide



40 images  

12x12 inch  album or window folio box 

Full digital collection

Mobile Album App Video slideshow

Pre - Purchase price £2699

Save £270

PLUS 4 bonuses

luxury boudoir folio



30 images 

10x10 inch album or folio box

Full digital collection

Mobile Album App

Pre - Purchase price £1799

Save £200

PLUS 3 bonuses

boudoir album



20 images

10x10 inch album or folio box

Digital copies of your chosen images

Mobile Album App

Pre - Purchase price £1439

Save £160

PLUS 2 bonuses

silver grey boudoir album



10 images

8x8 inch album

Mobile Album App

Pre - Purchase price £899

Save £100

PLUS 1 bonus

Bonus Options

You can choose from the following bonus options:

* White set (£100 value)

* Extra outfit (£100 value)

* Rose petals (£100 value)

* 2 extra images (£200 value) 

* Video slideshow  (£450 value) 

* Access to robes (£100 value) 

* Access to wings (£100 value) 

* Large mounted print (£295 value)

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About Me

Hi I'm Julie
I'm the owner and photographer at Lone Barn Boudoir.

I'm based in a beautiful studio just outside of Romsey. I've been a specialist boudoir photographer for over 14 years, so trust me I know how to make every body look stunning.

My superpower is posing and lighting women to capture the beauty of every body.

A boudoir photo shoot is so much more than an indulgent, pampering empowering treat, it will be a life changing experience that will definitely boost your confidence and help you appreciate yourself.

If you need a reason to justify a shoot (other than you know you want to just for you) your beautiful images will make an amazing wedding, anniversary or birthday present that you will both treasure forever.

I know you have lots of questions and probably quite a few self doubts. You are not alone. I'll let you in to a little secret - everyone has similar fears before they have a shoot - I won't look as good, I need to loose a few pounds, etc....

Call me for a chat and I can answer any questions you may have and hopefully dispel any fears you may have.
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