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Fabulous at 55

I love a lady who knows how to take time out for herself every now and then. We all deserve to have some precious me time.

Caroline is a very special lady and always takes time out on her birthday to do something  memorable for herself. This year she is celebrating her 55th birthday and she decided that she would treat herself to a pampering luxurious boudoir makeover photo shoot.

When Caroline first contacted me I knew we were going to have a fun, especially when she told me during her pre shoot chat that she was planning to bring some vintage lingerie and Louboutins. She opted for a super Diva boudoir photo shoot, which includes a full makeover including hair and makeup by the fabulous Marie who worked her magic on an already gorgeous Caroline.

Caroline was a complete superstar throughout her shoot and I knew that I had captured lots of stunning images for her.  I couldn’t wait for her to see her beautiful images at her reveal session.

Here are some of our favourites from her shoot.

fab ay 40 and beyond boudoir

It was such a pleasure to work with Caroline and  I’m definitely going to take a leaf out of her book and treat myself to something special for just me on my next birthday!

To all of you ladies out there that feel  that boudoir shoots are only for youngsters, please think again. Age is only a number, don’t let that number stop you from trying out new things, you never know you might just surprise yourself!



My curves are cute

My rolls are ravishing

My body is beautiful

I bet yours are too!!



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