Celebrate the beauty of your body

Lone Barn Boudoir Photography in Hampshire


Boudoir photography is a sensual artistic celebration of your beautiful body. The word photography means painting with light and that is exactly what I do.  I use the amazing power of light and shadows and of course my expert posing guidance to sculpt your body, creating the most beautiful images of you that you have ever seen of yourself.

Wait - yes I can hear those little voices inside your head telling you that you are not photogenic, that you need to lose weight, that you are too old, that you don't know how to pose for the camera, that you won't look as good as the gorgeous women on my website.  

STOP NOW - you don't have to worry about any of these thoughts. It's my job to gently guide and coach you throughout the whole process.  I will help you chose the most suitable outfits and gently guide you through poses that will flatter you regardless of your age or size.

I have photographed hundreds of women who had all the same little thoughts that you have and I am very happy to say that together we have vanquished all their doubts and created stunning images for them to treasure forever. Images that make their hearts flutter and lift their spirits everytime they look at them.

The images on my website are all of my lovely clients who have generously allowed me to share their beautiful boudoir photography images, none of them are models.

All the images are of normal people like you and me, they are busy mums, wives, entrepreneurs, business owners all running hectic lives in and around Hampshire Wiltshire and Dorset.  All of them took the decision to take some time out for themselves to have a pampering confidence boosting makeover boudoir photo shoot, to celebrate who they are now and to create some stunning images they can treasure forever.

Why do people have a boudoir photo shoot?

Perhaps you are tempted to come and have a boudoir photo shoot, but you need a good reason other than, because you deserve to have some photos of you that make you feel gorgeous and sexy!

Birthday  Presents

Do you or your partner have a special birthday to celebrate? What a brilliant way to mark a milestone birthday for yourself or your partner. A pampering indulgent treat for you and an amzing gift for them, beautiful sensual images of the person they love.

Lots of my gorgeous clients come from all over the south west of England, from Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset, Southampton, Winchester and of course Romsey to celebrate who they are now. Just imagine being able to look back in the years to come at how beautiful and elegant you were at that moment in time.

Wedding or Bridal Boudoir Photography Gifts

Are you getting married?  Our bridal boudoir photo shoots are really popular. It's the perfect pre-wedding treat for you to have some time out from all wedding arrangements, to be pampered and to create some beautiful sensual bridal boudoir images of you.

Just imagine your future husband's reaction when he opens his special wedding gift on the morning of your wedding, a beautiful folio box containing stunning sensual images of you. The most unique wedding present he will ever receive, so much better than a pair of cufflinks!

Anniversary Presents

Did you know that your first wedding anniversary present is traditionally paper?

Ladies come to me so that we can create a beautiful first wedding present for your husband.  It's also a brilliant excuse to wear your wedding dress again to create some stunning glam the dress images for you and your husband to enjoy forever.

A Confidence Boosting Empowering Experience

All of us at sometime really need a confidence boost.  So many of us look in the mirror and we don't like what we see, we focus on the bits that we don't like and don't recognise how beautiful we are. My boudoir photo shoots are a fun, pampering, confidence boosting, indulgent experience that will truly make you see yourself in a different light and will help you to fall in love with yourself again.

You Deserve It!

All of these reasons why my clients have a boudoir photo shoot are fantastic, but the best reason of all is that you deserve it.  To see your true beauty, perhaps to reconnect with the beauty that you thought you had lost long ago.

If you are thinking about having a boudoir photo shoot, do call me or fill in my contact form and I can call you back. We can have a chat about what you are looking to achieve and I can answer all your questions.

Have look at my boudoir galleries to see some of my beautiful clients who have generously allowed me to share their images and please read the reviews from my clients.


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