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Top tips for preparing for your boudoir photoshoot

I’ve already passed some of my tips on for what sort of outfits to bring for your boudoir photoshoot in an earlier post. In this blog post we’ll talk about getting YOU ready for your boudoir experience.

Planning is so important to make sure that you are well prepared and relaxed on the day of your photoshoot, no one wants to have last minute panics and arrive at the studio feeling all flustered and stressed because you have forgotten something. I want your boudoir photoshoot to be an indulgent, luxurious, fun experience.

Here are some top tips to help you prepare –


  1. Start Stretching – try to stretch for 20 minutes each day, especially your neck, back and hips, it will really help improve your flexibility.  Some of my clients have commented that their shoots were a bit like a pilates work out (don’t worry I don’t expect you to be a yoga expert)
  2. Begin a Skincare Regime – you skin will love you and so will the camera, exfoliate regularly and don’t forget to moisturise constantly.  Drinking more water can really help your skin too


  1. Get a Gel Manicure – another little before your shoot, gel polish will help strengthen your nails and will last for up to three weeks and will look fabulous in your photos.397184
  2. Wax Eyebrows and Upper Lip – get your brows waxed or threaded by a pro (but don’t go too thin)
  3. Wax Body Hair – wax the hair on your legs and underarms, and don’t forget your bikini area. Shaving on the day can lead to rashes, which you definitely want to avoidSugaring: epilation with liquate sugar at legs.
  4. Avoid Fake Tanning – if you usually spray tan or use fake tanning lotion, take a break until after your photoshoot


  1. Get a Trim And Touch Up Your Roots  – Go for a subtle trim if you need to and if you dye your hair it’s the ideal time to touch up any regrowth
  2. Deep Condition  – your hair will love you
  3. Get an Eyelash Fill – if you usually have eyelash extensions have  (don’t get eyelash extensions done if they are not part of your usual routine
  4. Wash Your Hair – Fully air dry or blow dry your hair, but avoid using hot tools such as curling irons. Before bed, pull up your hair in to a loose top knot for volume


  1. Shave – touch up your body hair situation, but do try to avoid a shaving rash
  2. Tweeze Eyebrows -double check for any pesky strays
  3. Get Your Beauty Sleep – you’ll have lots of energy for your photoshoot
    Young beautiful, woman waking up fully rested.

    Young beautiful, woman waking up fully rested.

  4. Plan Your Journey To The Studio – make sure you know the way to the studio


  1. Eat breakfast – think protein and complex carbs
  2. Moisturise – your face and body
  3. Bare Face – depending on your chosen shoot come with no makeup or just your normal day make up (we’ll advise you at the time of booking)
  4. Clean Dry Hair
  5. Arrive On Time –  make sure you leave plenty of time for your journey to avoid any last minute panics

I know it seems like a long list, but this really will help you prepare for your shoot and make sure that you are beautifully relaxed when you arrive.

If you have any more queries do call me and I’ll happily help.

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