Make-up tips for your boudoir photo shoot



Fabulous make-up is as essential as gorgeous lingerie to really create the right look and mood for you make your boudoir photo shoot special. Who doesn't like to be pampered!

Think sexy, think seductive, think smokey eye! A smokey eye always looks so fabulous, creating a subtle, sultry look which doesn't have to be over the top dramatic.



I offer two boudoir shoots, my mini sessions include a mini MAC makeup touch up, where I ask you to come in with your normal makeup on and then I can create a more sultry look for you. If you opt for one of my Diva photo shoots, I ask you to come in with clean hair and no make up so that my hair and makeup artist can completley pamper you and transform you.

What if I don't normally wear foundation or make-up? Trust me it really does make an incredible difference to your final images. If you are unsure or don't know how to apply make up then I strongly recommend that you opt for my Diva shoot and let my lovely hair and makeup artist pamper you and she can pass on lots of tips for you.

Lets start with the basics -



The job of a good foundation is really simply to create a blank canvas for you, helping to even out your skin tones. Use a foundation that is close to your natural skin tones. I find that I have to change my foundation throughout the year, going for a paler one in winter and a slightly darker shade in the summer.

It's definitely worth checking out you are using the right shades, lots of make-up stores, Boots included can give you some advice if you need it.



For you mini shoot, please use matt neutral colours and definitely avoid frosted shades.


False Eyelashes

I am a fan of good false eyelashes, they can really open your eyes, creating a more dramatic look. If you wear them and have some that you love then please feel free to wear them to the shoot. I have plenty of falsies in the studio if you would like to try them.


Bronzer and blushers

Don't go too mad with either. I can enhance what you are wearing and please avoid using hi-lighters, which can create some strange looks when combined with my studio lights.



Please wear your normal lipstick.


What make-up do we use in the studio?

I want your whole experience with me to be a luxurious indulgent one, and for that very reason I use some of the best makeup available.

I love MAC and Bobbi Brown and I primarily use those brands with a sprinkling of other bits and pieces that I like.

MAC foundations and eyeshadows are a must for any photography studio. They offer fabulous coverage and highly pigmented shadows, which means that a little goes a long way and you won't feel that your face has been plastered and may crack when you laugh.

Bobbi Brown offer some of the most gorgeous neutral shades, perfect for a bridal boudoir photo shoot, where you may want a softer look.

Please let us know if you have any allergies or skin sensitivity, if you prefer to bring your own makeup, mascara, etc., then please feel free to do so.

After your shoot

You are going to look amazing, so why not book a fab night out as well!


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