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Fall in love with your body in 2020



I know that at the moment that you may not appreciate how amazing your body is, you probably look in the mirror every day and wish you could change this and that. Honestly, you don't need to change, but you do need to allow yourself to see the real you through kinder eyes.


How often does your partner compliment you, but you find it hard to accept their praise? Would you like to feel more positive about yourself? Do you want to reconnect with the old you or perhaps discover the real you?


Perhaps you have been following Lone Barn Boudoir on Facebook and have been wanting to do a shoot but you don't think you will look as amazing as the ladies in the images.


It's time to let go of some of your beliefs about how you look, to open your eyes and appreciate how amazing you are. All the ladies on my website had similar concerns and fears that you have, but they dared to brave the boudoir and discovered how gorgeous they really are.



I'm giving you the chance to have a boudoir experience worth £95, plus a gift print worth £150 to help spread the boudoir love, so that more women like you can learn to love their bodies.

A boudoir mini photoshoot experience could be just what you need to boost your body confidence. Have you ever noticed that if you feel good about yourself that good things happen all around us?

If selected you experience will include -

  • a pre-shoot consultation chat to help you prepare for your shoot and to help me plan your shoot around you
  • a mini makeover (not hair)
  • up to 2 outfit changes
  • your choice of 2 sets (silver or black platform, chair, chaise, wall, etc)
  • a fully guided shoot, don't worry I don't expect you to know how to pose - that's my superpower and I'll demonstrate the poses and guide you throughout your shoot
  • a viewing and ordering session, usually one week after your shoot for you to select and customise your artwork
  • one gift print of your photographers choice

If you are selected you must book your shoot by the end of June 2020.



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