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Fabulous Forever

This lovely lady will definitely be fabulous forever!

I am very lucky to meet so many wonderful women who are a constant source of inspiration for me.

Lizzie is definitely one of these ladies.  I photographed her gorgeous daughter a couple of months ago and I first met Lizzie when she came in with her daughter for her reveal session. I could see that she was captivated by the images we created and the whole boudoir photography experience.

Her daughter realised how excited her mother was and very kindly bought her a boudoir photoshoot for Christmas.

Now to be honest this does happen a lot, daughters introducing their mothers, sisters and friends to the delights of a boudoir photo shoot experience, but what makes this so special is that Lizzie is now my oldest client to date!

She is a very young 68, she is beautiful, she is strong, she is vivacious and she is sexy!

older beauty

I know so many ladies reach a certain age and they think feel like they have lost their sensual, sexy mojo, their sassy edge, they feel that they have become invisible.  So many of the women that I photograph have been hiding, afraid to celebrate who they are now. Why? Who says that we stop being sexy after 50, 60, 70,…..?

When do we become an older woman?  I’ve never really understood what that means, and I’ve always hated labels of any description.

What I do know is that all women of all ages are sensuous, intelligent, strong and sassy. One day the rest of the world will understand this.

I love seeing my clients reaction to seeing their first images on the back of my camera.  I can see their sigh of relief, the weight lifting off their shoulders, the realisation that they are beautiful, that they are feminine, that they are worth it.  I hope I can encourage more ladies to believe in themselves, to rediscover themselves and to feel fabulous forever.

I for one applaud Lizzie and the many lovely ladies of all ages I have photographed, who are fearlessly celebrating their femininity.

To all you ladies out there –

  • be proud of who you are
  • age is just a number, don’t let it hold you back
  • celebrate your life, your journey
  • be shamelessly feminine at any age
  • stay sassy

Julie xx


My curves are cute

My rolls are ravishing

My body is beautiful

I bet yours are too!!



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