black friday boudoir extravaganza

Rediscover your Radiance

This Black Friday, I’m offering you something truly special – a luxury boudoir photography experience designed to reignite the love and admiration you have for your body. It’s not just a photoshoot; it’s a celebration of you, your journey, and your unique beauty.

For too long, you’ve put everyone else first. You’ve been the cornerstone for your family, a dedicated professional, and so much more. But now, it’s your turn. Take a moment to step back from being a mum, a partner, a career woman, and just be you – the extraordinary woman that you are.
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“My husband was stunned by his birthday present, he just can't stop looking at them and me. I'd love to see how he is going to top this for my birthday.

Thank you so much I had a great time. I will be back!”
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The Experience 


I am inviting you into my world – a luxury boudoir studio just outside Romsey in Hampshire – where we will spend a day reconnecting you with your sensual side. Together, we’ll create stunning images that reflect the best version of you.

Your session costs £100 and includes:

  • A pre-shoot consultation to understand your vision and preferences.
  • Professional hair and makeup, because you deserve to be pampered.
  • 4 outfit changes – let's showcase your versatility and style.
  • A relaxed and supportive environment where you are the star.
  • A private reveal session a week after your boudoir photoshoot
  • An extra 3 images added to your chosen folio box or album – a precious keepsake of your beauty and strength.
  • If you are a member of the Lone Barn Secrets group at the time of booking I'll add further 2 images to your chosen collection.
  • A massive saving of £800 off the regular price – because we all deserve a little luxury.


  • Wall art starts from £550, digital packages from £750, and our super popular collections start from £1200.
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The Why

I understand that the thought of a boudoir photoshoot can be daunting, especially if you're feeling self-conscious about your body. To all the gorgeous plus-size and super slim women out there, I want you to know that you are stunning, and your curves are worth celebrating! With my expertise in posing and lighting, I create an environment where every woman, regardless of her size or shape, can see herself in a new and radiant light.

It's not just about taking beautiful photos; it's about transforming the way you see and appreciate your own beauty. Every pose will be tailored to highlight your unique assets, ensuring you feel as incredible in your skin as you look in your images. This experience is about celebrating you, just as you are, and showcasing the beauty that I see the moment you step into my studio.

A boudoir shoot is a powerful step towards positive body image. It’s about seeing yourself, shattering the self-criticism and comparisons that cloud our self-perception. I am deeply passionate about helping women celebrate their individuality and rediscover their confidence.

You are stunning – it's time for you to see that, too.



woman wearing a white lace bralette and matching knicks
“ What an amazing experience! Thank you so much for making me feel comfortable and confident on the shoot day.  I never thought I'd do something like this, let alone love the photos.  It's helped me fall in love with my body at 40!!

Thanks again, much love. xx”
Marilyn style boudoir
“Just WOW! The most incredible experience from start to finish and then the pictures - unbelievable!!
Jules put me so at ease, worked me so hard and made it so fun.
You have made me see myself in a totally different way and given me my old confidence back!
I shall be a repeat offender!"
Miss L


“See yourself through kinder eyes.”


About Your Photographer

Hello lovely, I'm Julie, and I know all about those little insecurities—we all have them!

Boudoir photography isn't just my profession, it's my passion. My knack for posing will make you look and feel fabulous, regardless of shape or size. The joy in my clients' eyes when they see their photos is why I do this.

Think of a boudoir session with me as an empowering, stress-free escape that could just be a game-changer for you. Many women have told me it's transformed their self-image.

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Let's embark on this empowering journey together and celebrate the gorgeous woman you are!
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