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An indulgent, decadent and self-affirming experience

This is why I love being a boudoir photographer!

I just received this fabulous message from one of my recent clients. Thank you so much for allowing me to share your thoughts and some of your images from your experience with me. xx

classic noir boudoir

Dear Julie,

Huge thanks for an absolutely fantastic boudoir photo shoot experience. The boudoir black label experience was bought for me as a gift by my partner, which was incredibly flattering and romantic of him. In general I would say that I have a pretty positive relationship with my body… it has given me 3 wonderful children, and carried me through countless exciting life experiences! Nevertheless, like most women, I did feel a degree of nerves about disrobing, as it turns out, completely, and having photographs taken! I needn’t have worried- through every interaction, from our initial booking emails, through our introductory chat on the phone, the pre-shoot visit to the studio and then the shoot itself, you were incredibly kind, warm and reassuring- and refreshingly down to earth. There was never so much as a hint of a cringe- just an air of empowering excitement! Thank you for all of your top tips about what clothes and accessories to bring (think small, satiny, lacy, and for heels – sky high!) Miriam the make up artist worked wonders, and interpreted exactly my wish to be ‘enhanced’ rather than ‘disguised’ or overly ‘made up’, and I felt thoroughly pampered!
The shoot itself was huge fun- I think in all we spent about 4 hours but it felt like barely 1, with countless outfit changes, different backdrops and lighting settings… and after only a handful of shots and some sneak peaks at the results on your camera screen, it became quite clear that you really do know how to bring out the beauty in every human body!
After the shoot was over, I already had a pretty good feeling about how the shots would turn out… – and sure enough, when we came to review them a few weeks later, it was impossible for us to whittle down to the target 20 images… we ended up wanting almost twice that many!
I am sure there must be countless women (and men) secretly wishing they could pluck up the courage to book a boudoir shoot…my advice to them would be to go for it, and phone Julie at Lone Barn Boudoir! It was one of the most indulgent, decadent and self-affirming experiences I have ever had! 😉  Miss G
I know that many of you would love to do this, but think that you may need to loose a few pounds or tone up a little bit, you are wrong! I promise you that my posing and lighting works wonders for every body, no matter your age or shape.
Call me for a chat and find out what I can do for you. 01794 516094.


My curves are cute

My rolls are ravishing

My body is beautiful

I bet yours are too!!



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