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10 great reasons to have a boudoir photoshoot

I'd like to share the 10 great reasons to have a boudoir photoshoot, as lots of ladies that I meet ask me why my beautiful clients have a boudoir photoshoot.

You'll look amazing.

 A boudoir photoshoot is a pampering transformative treat with professional hair and makeup. Expert posing guidance to create the most beautiful images of you that you have ever seen.  Check out more beautiful images in my galleries.

boudoir photoshoot

It will be a massive self-confidence boost.

When women look in the mirror we all focus on the bits that we hate, things that we would like to change (especially when we start that diet on Monday (or is that just me?).  A boudoir photoshoot will help you see the beauty that your husband, boyfriend or partner sees and loves every day.

boudoir photography

It makes a great gift for your partner. 

Imagine their face when they open their beautifully wrapped present with stunning sophisticated sensual images of you. They love you on your bad days, those horrible hair days, your comfy clothes days, show them how gorgeous you really are.

body confident

You are getting in shape for your wedding.

You've been working really hard, the diets been going well, you've really been looking after your skin. You are going to look amazing on your wedding day.  Celebrate all your hard work and make sure you have beautiful images to document how great you look. Check out my bridal boudoir gallery.

bridal boudoir shoot

It's an amazing gift for yourself.

When did you last treat yourself? When did you last take some time out? Are you a busy mum running a hectic household, running a business or holding down a high pressured job?  It's time to take a breath, time to indulge yourself, to be pampered and be made to feel like a million dollars.  You deserve it!

boudoir photography

It will empower you.

Being treated like a movie star is a priceless treat for anyone. You will be stunned when you see your images for the first time. Clients often can't believe it's them. You will reconnect and fall in love with the person you haven't seen for a long time or perhaps you have never seen or loved.

curvy boudoir

You get to go shopping. 

So you've decided to go for it and have a boudoir photoshoot.  Go and buy that gorgeous lingerie that you have been dreaming about, and of course don't forget those sexy shoes as well. Check out this blog for ideas of where to go shopping.

boudoir photos

Celebrate a milestone in your life.

Do you have an anniversary coming up? Your first-anniversary gift is traditionally paper. A significant birthday? Why not get some elegant sophisticated portraits taken of yourself at this time. You can look back in the years to come and celebrate how great your life was at this moment in time.  So many of the beautiful women are in their 40's and above, they are fabulous, have a look at my 40 plus gallery.

glamour photographer

You get to challenge yourself. 

It's always good to push yourself. To step out of your comfort zone and to try something that you wouldn't normally do and to experience how powerful and energised you feel afterwards.

high heels confidence

Make it a girls' day out. 

If you'd feel more confident with a friend, then of course please bring your best friend, sister or mother and you can both enjoy a pampering makeover treat.  We will have lots of giggles and laughs and you'll both get time in the studio to create some glamorous images.  Check out more details about the experience.

boudoir photoshoot confidence

I could probably come up with loads of other reasons my clients have a boudoir photoshoot, but the most important reason is yours - why are you going to have one!

Call me to find out more or schedule a call with me and I'll call you for a chat and I can answer all of your questions.  You can also find out more about my boudoir experiences here.

If you haven't already joined my ladies only boudoir VIP group, what are you waiting for? It's full of ladies who have had a shoot with me or like you are building up the courage to brave the boudoir. Read inspiring stories, get hints and tips, enter exclusive VIP competitions and just join in the general fun - see you in there!

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